Hurstwic Affiliate and Study Group Programs

Viking combat training: situational sparring
situational sparring: many against one defending a bridge

Are you too far from Hurstwic's home base in New England to train with us?

Then join either of Hurstwic's group programs: the Hurstwic Affiliate program, or the Hurstwic Study Group program.

The affiliate program is a more formal relationship and allows you to use the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training System in your own club, school, or group.

If you have no club, or you prefer a less formal relationship, please consider joining or forming a Hurstwic study group.

Viking combat training with focus pads
cutting drill with focus pads: jumping over an incoming attack

Viking combat training: lunging
cutting drill: lunge in to attack, lunge out to avoid the counter

Both programs gives you access to Hurstwic instructors and the latest Hurstwic training methodologies, not only from the founders of Hurstwic, but from your fellow Hurstwic groups as well. The Hurstwic system is growing and evolving, and we expect that affiliates will contribute to our research through their own work.

We welcome you to join us and our associated groups to research and practice the fighting moves of the Vikings.

Viking combat training
fundamentals: learning the cutting angles with pad drills

Viking combat practice
stop-attack drill with a spear

Hurstwic Affiliate Program

Hurstwic affiliation is not for everyone. Candidates will be tested with both written and physical tests.

Yet Hurstwic affiliation is meant to be inclusive. Groups or clubs that currently train with one methodology need not give up that training methodology to become Hurstwic affiliates. We hope that the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system will enhance your existing training.

Viking combat training: shield work
hornkerling shield drill: attacks with the shield edge

Viking combat training: sword sparring
sparring with swords only

We expect that the Hurstwic affiliate program will give affiliates access to experts in many fields related to Viking-age weapons, combat, and culture. We expect to offer affiliates discounts on the purchase of training gear from recognized vendors. We expect to hold regular events for affiliates to offer teaching, testing, training, competitions, and the sharing of new research results. We expect to create a private Hurstwic on-line training forum which will provide direct access to Hurstwic trainers and experts.

Viking combat training
lunging in to grapple against a resistance

Viking combat training: spear
sword vs spear drills

We expect that Hurstwic will have some oversight over the training process used by our affiliates. The Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system was developed by a number of people over many years, and its creation involved buckets of sweat, no small number of bruises, and some blood. Thus, we hold this creation dear, and we expect that anyone claiming to use the system is, in fact, following the basic training principles closely.

The affiliate program is still in the formative stage. If you think you, your training club, your martial arts school, or your Viking-age group could benefit from a closer association with Hurstwic, please contact us.

Viking combat training: shield
Skjöldur Illuga shield drill

sparring with sword and shield

Hurstwic Study Group Program

The Hurstwic study group program is a less formal way for Hurstwic to have better contact with individuals and groups using the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system.

Application to become a Hurstwic study group is informal, and typically takes the form of a series of e-mail exchanges where we assess the applicant's background, training and experience, and knowledge of Viking-age topics. We require that the study group have some minimal training gear, a place to train, and the set of Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training DVDs to use in their training.

Applicants who are accepted will be given access to the private Hurstwic on-line training forum which will provide direct access to Hurstwic trainers and experts.

intense cutting drill using focus pads

sparring with marking weapons
sparring axe versus sax with practice weapons that leave a mark where they hit - there's a clear hit to the leg (left) and to the head (right)

Study groups are free to state that they use the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system, although they may not state that they are instructors in the system, or that they teach the system. They may not charge for training sessions (other than shared costs for training room rental or purchase of training gear) that use the Hurstwic system. Hurstwic is free to state that the study group is using the Hurstwic system in their study. We request that groups provide a brief monthly summary of their activities on the Hurstwic on-line forum, to share what they have accomplished with Hurstwic and with other study groups.

Groups remain a part of the study group program until:

  • they choose to withdraw

  • we learn they are no longer using the Hurstwic system

  • we learn that they are using Hurstwic name or training materials in inappropriate ways

  • their lack of monthly summaries suggests that they are no longer active

sparring - the fighter on the right has hooked her opponent's shield to open it, but wasn't quick enough to take advantage of the opening

sparring using a spear with a sword on a loop

The study group program is in its formative stages, and Hurstwic continues to grow. As a result, the study group may change or be dropped in future. We plan to give study groups every opportunity to change and grow with us, but we reserve the right to drop a study group.

If you are using the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training System in your training, please contact us to learn more about Hurstwic Study Groups.

cutting drill using focus pads

We welcome groups and individuals who share our interest in Viking-age fighting moves to join us. We eagerly want affiliates and study groups to help us in our research and practice of Viking fighting moves. In return, we want to support them in their work and training.  We hope their discoveries and experiences will help everyone using the Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training System.

We are pleased to have accepted these organizations as Hurstwic Affiliate Groups:



Ormbitur is led by Jarl Rodrigo, and is Hurstwic's representative in Latin America and South America.

Mexico City, Mexico Ormbitur on Facebook

Thegns of Vesturland

Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training is offered by Jarl Michael Gelaude.

Lake Isabella, California, USA


We are pleased to have accepted these organizations as Hurstwic Study Groups:

War Strong

War Strong Fighting and Fitness

Hollywood, FL, USA

War Strong on Facebook

The Portland Fyrd

The Portland Fyrd

Portland, ME, USA


The Portland Fyrd Website

Great Lakes Viking Martial Arts

Great Lakes Viking Martial Arts

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Great Lakes Viking Martial Arts on Facebook

Ostvik Vikings

Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Ostvik Vikings on Facebook

Nordwind Viking Combat Group

Virginia, USA

Nordwind on Facebook


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